Six Things Schools Can Do to
Create and Maintain
Safe, Affirming Learning Environments

Break the Silence

Safe and affirming schools consistently show support for LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff in communications to the local community.

Inclusive Curriculum

Students feel like an equal part of the school community when they see themselves in their lessons, texts and other learning materials.


Schools with student-led Gender Sexuality Alliance clubs foster a sense of belonging which results in higher academic performance.

Comprehensive Policies

Adopting and consistently enforcing policies that support LGBTQ+ students, including harassment, nondiscrimination, and equal access to facilities are essential.

Professional Development

District-wide upstander training teaches faculty and staff how to support LGBTQ+ students and how to address queerphobia on the spot, when the lesson will be most effective.

Inclusive Workplaces

Queer-inclusive workplaces are one of the cornerstones of affirming learning environments. When educators are valued, so are students.

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